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Orthopedic Health Awareness

Orthopedic Health Awareness

Our legs and feet are a precious gift and their value is infinite. They are the supporting base of all our body and our only and original means of transportation. However, we usually tend to abuse from them without noticing it, relying on their overestimated resistance. But our legs are quite vulnerable to many conditions, usually as a result of poor blood circulation.

Are you at risk of having leg or circulation problems?

You’ll find out this by answering honestly to the following questions:

  • Are you over 30?
  • How many hours you spend standing up?
  • What type of clothes and footwear you wear?
  • How many hours you spend sitting down?
  • Anyone in your family has circulatory problems?
  • Do you practice any sport?
  • You drink?
  • You smoke?
  • How much you weight?
  • You usually have cold feet?
  • Your toes are getting discolored?
  • Are you getting leg cramps very often?
  • You get tired easily when walking?
  • Your feel numbness in foot very often?
  • Your legs present varicose spider veins?
  • Feel your legs heavy?

Poor circulation in legs is one the most common problems both women and men have to cope with when leg veins, leg arteries and capillaries are not working well.

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